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SMWC announces Dr. Theresa L. Gioannini Endowment for Women in Science, awards student Gioannini Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

_D3A3851Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) announced its first endowed fellowship for undergraduate research honoring the life of Theresa L. Gioannini, Ph.D., Biochemistry Adjunct Professor and 1971 SMWC graduate. Dr. Gioannini passed away in January 2014. Through the generosity and love for his wife, Jerry Weiss, Ph.D., established the Gioannini Endowment for Women in Science. With this endowment, SMWC is able to offer a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Gioannini’s memory.

Read more about Dr. Gioannini and the endowed fellowship here.

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