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Sedore wins 2009 Subramanian Best Doctoral Dissertation Award

Congratulations to Stanley Sedore, winner of the 2009 Best Doctoral Dissertation Award, sponsored by Alap Subramanian. Dr. Sedore’s thesis entitled, “Gene-specific control of P-TEFb by HIV,” was performed under the supervision of David Price. He is now finishing medical school at the Carver College of Medicine as an MD/PhD student. Alap Subramanian, who has sponsored the annual award since its inception in 1995, is a retired Max-Planck and University Professor who arrived in Iowa City in September 1961 to perform his PhD thesis with George Kalnitsky on “The Major Alkaline Protease of Aspergillus oryzae.” He then spent his career from the 1960s to the last decade characterizing ribosomal proteins in plastids and bacteria.

Past winners of the Subramanian Award are:

  • 2008 Eric Brown (Ramaswamy) (now finishing medical school at University of Iowa) “Rieske Business: ┬áRieske Metal Clusters in Rieske Ferredoxins and┬áRieske Dioxygenases”
  • 2007 Bryan Allen (Weeks) (now House Staff at University of Iowa) “The Role of XNkx2 in Xenopus Cardiac Development”
  • 2006 Daniel Ferraro (Ramaswamy) (now Resident at Washington University) “Structure-function studies of Rieske Oxygenases”
  • 2006 Rhonda Newman (Shea) (now Scientist at Life Technologies) “Roles of Calmodulin Domains in Allosteric Regulation of the Ryanodine Receptor Type”
  • 2005 Greta Schrift Loring (Murphy) (now Scientist at Alnara Pharmaceuticals) “Energetic Consequences of Structural Feature and Dynamics Changes upon Nucleotide Binding to Ribonuclease Sa: Molecular Basis for Nucleotide Binding Specificity”
  • 2004 Tingting Yao (Cohen) (now Assistant Professor at Colorado State University) “Processing of Protein Substrates by the 26S Proteasome”
  • 2002 Jon Rubach (Plapp) (now Senior Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline) “Dynamics of Catalysis by Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase”
  • 2001 Olav Jaren (Shea) (now a fellow at the Burnham Institute) “Paramecium Calmodulin Mutants that disrupt Ion Channel Regulation have defects in Calcium-induced Conformational Switching”
  • 2000 Cammon Arrington (Robertson) (now House Staff at University of Utah) “Dynamics of Native Proteins from EX1-type Amide Hydrogen Exchange”
  • 1999 Junmin Peng (Price) (now Assistant Professor at Emory University) “P-TEFb, a Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Controlling Elongation by RNA Polymerase II”
  • 1998 Kristen Scott (Geyer) (now Associate Investigator and Assistant Research Professor at Duke University) “The Effects of the Drosophila Gypsy Insulator on Gene Expression”
  • 1997 Deborah Thurmond (Goodridge) (now Associate Professor at Indiana University) “Modulation of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Action by Triiodothyronine and Medium-Chain Fatty Acids”
  • 1997 Greg DeKoster (Robertson) (now Senior Scientist at Washington University) “Thermodynamics of Unfolding for Kazal-type Serine Protease Inhibitors: Stabilization of Ovomucoid First Domain by Glycosylation”
  • 1996 Leigh Ann Henricksen (Wold) (now Assistant Research Scientist at University of Arizona) “Human Replication Protein A: Expression, Complex Formation and Phosphorylation”
  • 1995 David Mitchell (Deschenes) (now Assistant Professor at University of South Florida) “Genetic and Biochemical of the Requirements for Ras2 Protein Association with the Plasma Membrane of Saccharomyces cerevisiae”
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