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Opening of the Pufall laboratory

Since July 2009, Biochemistry has enjoyed the annual tradition of welcoming a new laboratory to the Department. July, 2009 brought the Brenner group; July, 2010 brought Sheila Baker; and today brought Miles Pufall and his first post-doctoral fellow, Dawne Shelton. Trained by Barbara Graves at University of Utah and Keith Yamamoto of UCSF, Miles brings a research program that will dissect a fundamental problem in biochemistry and a specific problem in leukemogenesis. As he dissects protein-nucleic acid interactions, he seeks to dissect how proteins functions are modulated by changing environmental signals. With his NCI R00 grant, he plans to identify and dissect changes in glucocorticoid induced gene expression in glucocorticoid sensitive and resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Dawne and Miles are currently establishing facilities for protein purification and characterization, cell culture, and gearing up to use CCOM facilities in structural biology and genomics.

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