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More PhD data from the last decade

In a recent post, we reviewed time to degree and placement data for the students who started graduate school in August 2000. Here we summarize data for the cohorts who began graduate school in August 2000 through August 2005.  In the most recent years for which we have complete data, there appears to be a significant trend toward a shorter time to degree with no decline in number of publications per graduate career.  Academic placement of Biochemistry PhDs during the past decade remains at 100%.  Of the 29 Biochemistry PhDs in the data set, five earned MD/PhDs at Iowa and are currently medical residents or University physician scientists, four are PhDs with faculty positions, two are industry scientists who did academic post-docs, and 18 are academic post-docs.  Though it is still early to compute the time our recent graduates will serve as post-docs, it appears that during an era in which time to PhD has been reduced from about 6 years to about 5 years, post-doctoral terms have increased from about 3 years to about 5 years.

Year    # students   Pubs/student  Time to degree  Acad. placement

2000         10                3.2                          6.4                         10

2001          2                 3.5                          6.5                          2

2002          7                 3.7                          5.2                          7

2003          2                 4                             5.8                          2

2004          4                 3.8                          5.2                          4

2005*        4                 3.8                          4.8*                         4

*The 2005 entry class has a 5th student who has not yet graduated.  Thus, mean time to degree will be greater than 4.8 years and the 2005 data are not final.

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