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Marc Wold awarded the 2016 JP Long Teaching Award

Professor Marc Wold has been awarded the 2016 John P. Long Teaching Award in the Basic Sciences, which recognizes outstanding career-level teaching contributions by the basic science faculty. Following in the footsteps of Arthur Spector (1999), Peter Rubenstein (2001), Madeline Shea (2009) and Daniel Weeks (2011) this was the fifth time a biochemist has claimed this honor in the history of the award.

Professor Wold has taught tens of thousands of students at all educational levels over the past 25 years at the University of Iowa. His approachability, patience, and thoroughness make him a sought after teacher. He is an internationally recognized leader in the field of DNA replication and repair, allowing him to integrate cutting edge molecular techniques and research findings into his instruction materials. In addition, he has served as mentor and academic advisor to thousands of students from multiple educational levels. These students have relied on his expert advice to shape their academic programming, thereby impacting their education, training and professional growth.

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