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M. Spies lab featured on the July cover of Nucleic Acids Research

Maria Spies’ lab was featured on the July cover of Nucleic Acids Research. The article entitled “Single molecule study of the CUG repeat・MBNL1 interaction and its inhibition by small molecules,” describes a single-molecule approach developed to achieve a mechanistic description of the MBNL1 RNA biomolecular recognition event and to facilitate the discovery of drugs to inhibit its formation. This method revealed a mode of inhibition whereby the ligands and MBNL1 can form a ternary complex on the toxic CUGRNA instead of competing for the same binding site. Rational design of a new RNA binding ligand with a 100-fold increase in potency over previously validated compounds highlights the power of the developed methodology. Dr. Masayoshi Honda (postdoctoral scholar with M. Spies’) has contributed to this work along with Dr. Amin Haghighat Jahromi and Professor Steve Zimmerman (University of Illinois Urabana-Champaign).


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