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Lalita Oonthonpan Publishes in The Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight

Lalita Oonthonpan, a Biochemistry graduate student in Dr. Eric Taylor’s Lab, is an author on a paper published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight. The paper entitled, “Two human patient mitochondrial pyruvate carrier mutations reveal distinct molecular mechanisms of dysfunction” describes research on the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier (MPC).

Mitochondrial pyruvate uptake is an important cellular process unifying cytosolic and mitochondrial sugar metabolism. This manuscript helps explain how human mutations in the protein complex that transports pyruvate into mitochondria lead to disease. Using patient-derived cells and a novel, heterologous gene complementation system with the highly metabolically active mouse C2C12 myoblast cell line, Oonthonpan et al. and Taylor found that the MPC1 C289T mutation results in destabilization and loss of the MPC complex whereas the MPC1 T236A mutation results in an inactive MPC complex. These findings could inform future treatment options for rare pyruvate transporter mutations and other in-born errors of metabolism.



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