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Hayes and Weeks Featured on the June Cover of Biology Open


An image from an article by Michael Hayes (MSTP, MCB) and Dan Weeks was featured on the June cover of Open Biology. The article was entitled, “Amyloids assemble as part of recognizable structures during oogenesis in Xenopus”. Amyloids (ordered protein aggregates) are traditionally associated with pathologic conditions like Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases. However, there is a growing appreciation that amyloids assemble and disassemble as part of many  biologically important activities.  Hayes  and Weeks found that amyloids were easily detectable in the cytosol and nucleus of Xenopus oocytes. Nuclear amyloids were part of structures involved in transcription by all three RNA polymerases and in RNA processing; while cytosolic amyloids were observed with in yolk platelets and other yet to be identified structures. The cover image shows the co-localization of amyloid (green), DNA(Blue) and the nucleolar protein nucleolin (red).

Congrats Mike and Dan!

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