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Eleventh Annual Gene F. Lata Undergraduate Symposium

Ten students presented at this year’s Undergraduate Honors Program. This year marks the eleventh year for the Gene F. Lata Undergraduate Research Symposium. Please join Professor Marc Wold, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Honors Advisor, in congratulating these 2015 graduates and their research mentors for a job well done.

Lata group

Back row (left to right): David Wadkins, Michael Turek, Alexander Hjelmaas, Brady Campbell
Front row (left to right): Yinjie Zhai, Grant Young, Xin Xu, Liam Hovey, Sarah Mayer
Inset: Samuel Mueting
  • Brady A. Campbell
    Mentor: Adrian Elcock
    Understanding the DNA: AA Interface through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  • Alexander J. Hjelmaas
    Mentor: Brandon Davies
    Investigating the Nature of ANGPTL3 Inactivation of LPL
  • Liam Hovey
    Mentor: Madeline Shea
    Calcium/Calmodulin Modulation of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels
  • Sarah L. Mayer
    Mentor: Daniel Weeks
    Studies on Smooth Muscle Actin Mutations Linked to Human Disease
  • Samuel R. Mueting
    Mentor: Todd Washington
    Regulation of TLS Polymerase Activity by Ubiquitin Binding to a Novel Site on the Catalytic Core
  • Michael E. Turek
    Mentor: David Price
    Characterization of an RNA Polymerase II CTD Phosphatase
  • David Wadkins
    Mentor: Adrian Elcock
    Molecular Simulation Studies of Sequence Dependent Features of DNA and RNA Conformation
  • Xin Xu
    Mentor: Charles Brenner
    Understanding Site Specificity of Non-enzymatic Protein Acetylation in Mitochondria
  • Grant H. Young
    Mentor: Lori Wallrath
    A Fruit Fly Model of Muscular Dystrophy Reveals Novel Mechanisms of Pathology
  • Yinjie Zhai
    Mentor: Hillel Haim
    Structural Modulation of HIV-1 Env by Stability Modifying Agents

The symposium also included the presentation of two undergraduate awards, made possible by a gift from Alap Subramanian. The H.G. Wittmann Scholar Award was presented to Alexander J. Hjelmaas (Davies lab) and the H.G. Khorana Scholar Award was presented to Sarah L. Mayer (Weeks lab), recognizing their exceptional understanding of biochemistry and its value to society.

Congratulations to everyone named above and all of our 2015 graduates!

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