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Dr. Musselman receives NSF CAREER Award

Musselman 200x300Dr. Catherine Musselman has received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for her project entitled “CAREER: The structural basis of the multivalent readout of histone PTMs and PTM/interaction mediated modulation of nucleosome dynamics.” In this study Dr. Musselman will be investigating molecular mechanisms underlying the readout of patterns of histone PTMs. Utilizing state-of-the-art NMR spectroscopy approaches she will dissect the details of how proteins decipher these patterns ultimately leading to regulation of chromatin structure. The results from these studies will provide significant insight into specific and fundamental mechanisms by which the eukaryotic genome is regulated.

In addition to the research objectives of this award, there are significant educational outreach goals. Dr. Musselman has established a collaboration with the Workplace Learning Connection run out of Kirkwood Community College to provide high school students from around the region the opportunity to perform internships in her laboratory. Students will gain 45-90 hours of laboratory experience for which they will receive academic credit. This experience will provide students with a tangible research experience in the basic sciences, allowing them to explore their interest and opportunities to pursue an education and career in a STEM related field.

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