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Dr. Dan Weeks awarded J.P. Long and Collegiate Teaching awards

Congratulations to Professor Daniel Weeks, the recipient of both the J.P. Long Award for Teaching in the Basic Sciences and the Carver College of Medicine Collegiate Teaching Award. Both awards recognize Dr. Weeks’s sustained commitment to and excellence in teaching, as well as his contributions to research and service.

Dr. Weeks, who joined the Biochemistry faculty in 1987, is an internationally known nucleic acid biochemist and developmental biologist. He has made wide-ranging contributions to the teaching missions of the Carver College of Medicine, which have born fruit in direct mentorship of clinician scientists, teaching of thousands of medical students, graduate students, and undergraduate Biochemistry majors and non-majors, and in the graduate research training of nearly a quarter century of nucleic acid biochemists and developmental biologists.

Dr. Weeks attributes his teaching skills to the professors who served as his mentors at Purdue University (PhD 1983) and Harvard University (postdoctoral fellow, 1984-1987). His gifted communication style earns him consistently high marks in student evaluations. Dr. Weeks has taught in classroom settings large and small, to audiences of undergraduate, graduate and medical students, and on diverse topics within the broad disciplines of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and development.

Training the next generation of scientists and physicians has been a particular strength of Dr. Weeks, who has trained 28 undergraduates, 11 graduate students and 7 medical/postdoctoral fellows in his own laboratory. He has served on the graduate thesis committees of 93 students representing 9 different departments and programs. His trainees have regularly been awarded external grants and the majority have gone on to graduate school and medical school, with many obtaining faculty positions at major academic institutions, including the University of Iowa.

Dr. Weeks also demonstrates a long-term dedication to graduate students, having served as Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Biochemistry for the last decade. In this role, he has served as a surrogate parent, ushering students through the challenges of their first year, assisting them through the process of comprehensive examination, and making sure that they meet all their degree requirements.

Congratulations to our colleague, Daniel Weeks for these two well-deserved honors.

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