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Dr. Arpit Sharma Publishes in eLife

Dr. Arpit Sharma, a 2018 PhD graduate with Dr. Eric Taylor, is the first author on a paper published in eLife. The paper is entitled, “Impaired skeletal muscle mitochondrial pyruvate uptake rewires glucose metabolism to drive whole-body leanness.”

Metabolic cycles are a fundamental element of cellular and organismal function. Among the most critical in higher organisms is the Cori Cycle, the systemic cycling between lactate and glucose. This manuscript explains how muscle-specific Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier (MPC) deletion in mice drives increased Cori cycling and fatty-acid oxidation that contribute to increased energy expenditure. Sharma et al. and Taylor show that this increased energy expenditure leads to strikingly decreased fat mass with complete muscle mass and strength retention in mice. Additionally, acutely disrupting the MPC in obese, high fat diet-fed mice when returning them to a normal fat diet accelerated fat mass loss and metabolic recovery. These findings raise the possibility that modulating skeletal muscle pyruvate metabolism in obese and T2D patients may aid fat mass loss and improvement of whole-body insulin sensitivity.


Congratulations Arpit!!

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