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Congrats to Professor Lori Wallrath

Today, the Carver College of Medicine celebrated this year’s class of faculty members promoted to Full Professor. Dean Paul Rothman and Associate Dean Lois Geist joined Head and Vice Chair Charles Brenner and Madeline Shea in congratulating Professor Wallrath. Promotion to full professor requires the unmistakable evidence that a faculty member possesses a national and/or international reputation for important accomplishments. This is clearly the case for Dr. Wallrath. Her 1995 Genes and Development paper established that position effect variagation in flies is associated with altered chromatin structure. In 1999, she connected telomeric silencing with nuclear organization and chromatin structure in a highly influential EMBO Journal paper. In recent years, she has dissected the relationship between HP1 and histone methylation in local and in distant gene silencing and in gene activation. She has also begun to translate her interests in epigenetic mechanisms to questions important in human cancer and to translate her interests in nuclear structure to human diseases including Emery-Dreiffuss muscular dystrophy. She has been an important presence at national and international meetings for years. She is a prolific writer of influential reviews on gene regulation. She is also an outstanding educator and is devoted to departmental, collegiate and university service. Please congratulate the Department of Biochemistry’s newest full professor, Lori Wallrath.

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