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Charles Brenner named Roy J. Carver chair

The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust and the UI Foundation have announced that Charles Brenner, head of the Department of Biochemistry, has been named the Roy J. Carver Chair in Biochemistry. Dr. Brenner is a 1983 graduate of Wesleyan, who worked at Chiron Corporation and DNAX Research Institute before attending graduate school at Stanford (1988-1993). After post-doctoral work with Gregory Petsko and Dagmar Ringe at Brandeis, Brenner held independent positions at Jefferson (1996-2003) and Dartmouth (2003-2009) before being recruited to the University of Iowa. The Brenner laboratory utilizes enzymology, model system genetics and structural biology to dissect the normal functions of genes that are inactivated in cancer development and to discover and characterize novel aspects of metabolism that are regulated by changing nutritional conditions.

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