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Fuentes group publishes in JCB

Monday, June 17th, 2013

The Fuentes group has a paper in the June edition of the Journal of Cell Biology, entitled “A novel pathway spatiotemporally activates Rac1 and redox signaling in response to fluid shear stress.” Ernie Fuentes and three from his lab, including former graduate student Tyson Shepherd, former research assistant Ann Murray and former postdoc Monika Joshi published with co-authors from UNC and The Scripps Research Institute. The article is available online.


Fuentes group featured on the March 5 cover of Structure

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Dr. Ernie Fuentes was senior author on a study on the Tiam1 PDZ domain bound with (phos) syndecan1 (SDC1) ligands. The x-ray crystallographic studies show how the Tiam1 PDZ domain preferentially interacts with a subset of SDC proteins, while NMR studies indicate the dynamic decoupling stimulated by SDC1 phosphorylation. The findings reveal a phosphorylation-based regulation mechanism on the selection of SDC ineratome. The paper was published in the March 5 issue of Structure, along with a cover image that illustrates the syndecan intractome and how a PDZ domain selects its partner protein. The paper is also a recommended article on Faculty of 1000 Prime, and is co-authored by current and former members of the Fuentes lab including current graduate students Xu Liu (first author) and Zhen Xu, former graduate student Tyson Shepherd, and Ann Murray.

Dr. Tyson Shepherd

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Congratulations are due to our newest PhD, Tyson Shepherd. A student of Ernesto Fuentes, Dr. Shepherd successfully defended his thesis on “Structural and Thermodynamic Origins of Distinct Specificity of PDZ Domain in the Tiam Family of GEF Proteins.”  

Dr. Shepherd will be starting his postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Dr. Anthony Forster at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden in September. Dr. Forster’s lab specializes in synthetic biology including artificial amino acid incorporation and designing a minimal synthetic cell.

Highlights of the Annual Retreat

Monday, August 30th, 2010

The Brechler Press Box of Kinnick Stadium was abuzz with Biochemists on saturday for an all-department retreat. As Hawkeye football players ran drills on the field, retreat organizer David Price asked the ~100 attendees to take seats facing the field for a special announcement. Eyes turned toward the jumbotron above the south endzone for a powerpoint tribute to the department, featuring faculty photos and a few candid shots.

Short talks were giving in the morning by Charles Brenner, Pamela Geyer, Ernesto Fuentes, Lori Wallrath and Peter Rubenstein. After lunch, short talks were given by David Price, Sheila Baker, Adrian Elcock and the department’s 2011 faculty recruit, Miles Pufall.

The poster session featured 32 posters. Eight poster awards were given in 4 divisions. Rini Kasinathan from the Geyer laboratory earned the undergraduate prize. Sarah Bergeron from the Rubenstein laboratory, Lawrence Gray from the Khademi laboratory, and Tyson Shepherd from the Fuentes laboratory won first, second and third places in the graduate student division. Jeffrey Cooper from the Price laboratory took honors among research assistants. Finally, Rebecca Fagan from the Khademi laboratory, George Dialynas from the Wallrath laboratory, and Kuo-Kuang Wen from the Rubenstein laboratory won first, second and third places in the post-doctoral division.

The retreat was clearly an energizing event for first year graduate students in attendance. Thanks to all of the presenters and to everyone for participating.

Dr. Lois Bigger Gehring Awardees

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Lois Bigger Gehring, a great friend of the Department of Biochemistry, has created an endowment for the Department to support graduate students.   (more…)