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Dr. Robert Gould on protein methyltransferase inhibition

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Robert Gould, a 1981 PhD with Arthur Spector, who is consulting with the Carver College of Medicine on medical curriculum review, took time on October 29 to visit the Department to lecture on “Protein Methyltransferase Inhibitors: A Novel Class of Potential Cancer Therapeutics.” Gould has had a widely varied career, which included a post-doctoral fellowship with Solomon Snyder, a 22 year career with Merck, serving as the director of novel therapeutics at the Broad Institute, and transitioning earlier this year to Epizyme, Inc, where he is President and CEO. Gould presented the origins of the Epizyme program on protein methyltransferases: selection of targets, screening of specificity, cycles of inhibitor discovery and characterization, and a path forward to molecularly targeted cancer clinical testing and treatment.