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Dr. Cathy Hass

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Congratulations are due to Dr. Cathy Hass for successful completion of her PhD. A student of Marc Wold, Dr. Hass successfully defended her thesis in Molecular and Cellular Biology, entitled “Function of Replication Protein A in DNA Repair and Cell Checkpoints.”

Cathy will be starting as a Research Scientist at a biotech start-up in Minneapolis, BioAmber.

Wold lab members present at 2011 Cold Spring Harbor Meeting

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Cathy Hass, a graduate student in the Wold lab, has been selected to give a platform talk on her research at the 2011 Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on eukaryotic DNA replication and genome maintenance. The title of her talk is “New Insights into Repair-Specific Roles of Replication Protein A.”

Also presenting at this meeting is Ran Chen, a third year graduate student in the Wold lab. Ran’s poster is entitled: “Function of alternative Replication Protein A in Normal and Transformed Cells.”

Rpa1-L221P is a Mol Cancer Research highlight

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

A new paper by Cathy Hass, Lokesh Gakhar and Marc Wold on molecular and cellular characterization of Rpa1-L221P has been chosen as a Molecular Cancer Research Highlight. This allele, when heterozygous in mouse, produces genomic instability and a cancer predisposition phenotype. By producing the corresponding human allele of Rpa1, the authors were able to show that it forms a stable, nonfunctional complex that apparently inhibits overall Rpa1 function via a haploinsufficiency mechanism.