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Bryce Plapp’s 70th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, the Department of Biochemistry celebrated Professor Bryce Plapp‘s 70th birthday with a special event at the Iowa Memorial Union.  Food, drink and cake were enjoyed by all.  Moreover, the celebrants enjoyed the Hawkeyes’ 35-3 victory over cross-state rival Iowa State on a big screen TV.  The party was attended by the Department, Dr. Plapp’s family, former colleagues such as Arthur Arnone, Thomas Conway and Charles Swenson, and a host of former Plapp trainees, who gave short talks in tribute to Bryce. Talks were given by

  • Frank Fan, former post-doc and current Group Leader at Promega Corporation
  • Gretchen Shearer, former post-doc and current Senior Research Chemist at McCrone Associates
  • Henry Charlier, former post-doc and current Associate Professor at Boise State University
  • Jon Rubach, former graduate student and current Principal Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Hong-Wei Sun, former graduate student and current Chief of Biodata Mining and Discovery at NIAMS
  • Lori LeBrun, former graduate student and current Senior Scientist at Celgene.

Charles Brenner also provided a tribute to Dr. Plapp’s very active career:

  • protein chemistry of beta glucuronidase and ribonuclease with R. David Cole as a Berkeley graduate student
  • active site labeling of alcohol dehydrogenase with Gerhard Pfleiderer in Frankfurt
  • protein modification of DNase with William Stein and Stanford Moore at Rockefeller
  • probing the function of alcohol dehydrogenase using active-site directed reagents and, later, structure-based site-directed mutagenesis to elucidate co-enzyme specificity, alternative pathways and hydrogen tunneling

Dr. Plapp has been funded by the NIH since 1971 and is about to hit 100 papers in pubmed.

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