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Biochemistry faculty to speak at spring meetings

Dr. Todd Washington has been selected to participate as part of the US contingent at the US-Japan DNA Repair Meeting April 12-13, 2012 in Viriginia. 15 attendees have been selected from each country to participate and give an oral presentation.

In addition, Dr. Madeline Shea has accepted invitations to speak at Johns Hopkins University, at the 26th Annual Protein Society Meeting in San Diego, and at the European Calcium Society Meeting in Toulouse, France.

Dr. Charles Brenner will also be giving talks this spring, first at the Epigenetics of Cancer and Stem Cells conference in Toronto in February. He will also represent ASBMB at the AAMC Council of Academic Societies in Santa Fe in March, and will speak at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego in April.

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