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Baker Lab Publishes Article in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Yuan Pan, a senior Biochemistry graduate student, published a first author paper in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. This is her second first author paper and her third paper as a graduate student. On this latest work, she was aided by research assistant Joe Laird and BSURF student David Yamaguchi. This is the first scientific paper for David, while Joe has previously published in PNAS.

The paper, “A di-arginine ER retention signal regulates trafficking of HCN1 channels from the early secretory pathway to the plasma membrane,” reports a novel mode of regulating HCN1 channels in the retina. Because these channels are also present throughout the brain and heart, this research might have applications for understanding learning and memory, management of epilepsy and chronic pain, and regulation of heart rate.

An Epub ahead of print version was made available electronically on August 21st.

Congratulations Yuan, Joe, and David!


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