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Arrival of the Brenner group

The Biochem office is getting word that Team Brenner is en route across country with two tractor trailers of lab equipment and household goods, five cars, two cats, one dog and quite a lot of sporting goods.  There are house move-ins on the 1st and the 2nd and the lab move-in is scheduled for 7 am on the 2nd. Please watch for the Brenner lab and join the Dean’s reception for Dr. Brenner in the MERF atrium at 2 pm on July 2.  The group will consist of Charles Brenner, new Head of Biochemistry, post-doctoral fellows Szu-Chieh Mei and Seth Brown, graduate students Katrina Bogan, Jennifer Boylston and Bo-kuan Wu, technician Matthew Wean, and summer student Anisha Singh.

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