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Annual Biochemistry Kickoff Event

Props to Michael Feldkamp, John Prior and Xiao Peng for organizing this year’s Department of Biochemistry academic year kickoff event.  The theme was “The Best is Yet to Come.”  Prizes were awarded to members of the Department with lots of years of service:

  • Emeritus Professor Rex Montgomery moved to Iowa in 1955, nine years after publishing his first paper.  Fun fact: Rex received his first NIH grant in 1956 for the sum of $3000.
  • Professor John Donelson has completed 35 years in Biochemistry at Iowa.  John moved here in 1974 after training with Dr. Fred Sanger in Cambridge and with Dr. David Hogness at Stanford.  John received many warm greetings, having just returned from a productive sabbatical at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne.
  • Professor David Price has completed 20 years in Biochemistry at Iowa.  David did post-doctoral work with Drs. Eric Davidson and Carl Parker at CalTech and with Dr. Arno Greenleaf at Duke.  He has just finished analyzing a chIPseq data set and will be giving Biochemistry Workshop on September 8.
  • Professor Madeline Shea has completed 20 years in Biochemistry at Iowa.  Madeline did her post-doctoral work with Dr. Gary Ackers at Johns Hopkins.  Madeline completed a tour of duty as Interim Head of Biochemistry.  She can now be found talking calmodulin with Susan O’Donnell and Michael Feldkamp.
  • Professor Marc Wold has completed 20 years in Biochemistry at Iowa.  Marc did his post-doctoral work with Dr. Tom Kelly at Johns Hopkins. Fun fact: Marc named replication protein A in his 1988 PNAS paper with Kelly.
  • Professor Pamela Geyer will complete 20 years in Biochemistry at Iowa this fall.  Pam did her post-doctoral work with Dr. Victor Corces at Johns Hopkins.  She published her first paper on the gypsy element in a 1986 EMBO J classic.
  • Dr. Kuo-Kuang Wen, research scientist with Professor Peter Rubenstein has completed 15 years in Biochemistry and 17 papers with Peter.

Congratulations to all!  The best is yet to come.

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